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Smurfette arms_up artist:DarkTickler barefoot blonde_hair blue_skin blush character:Schtroumpfette clenched_hand laughing rope series:The_Smurfs spread_legs tears tickling tk:by_feather tk:feet tk:female // 2114x3300 // 1.5MB // Safe // 0 Smurfette arms_down artist:DarkTickler barefoot blonde_hair blue_skin character:Schtroumpfette dialogue feather rope series:The_Smurfs speech_bubble tied_up tk:anticipation tk:female // 960x1948 // 116.7KB // Safe // 0 Smurfette arms_down artist:DarkTickler barefoot begging blonde_hair blue_skin character:Schtroumpfette closed_eyes dialogue feather foot_focus foot_view laughing pov_feet rope series:The_Smurfs shiver speech_bubble tears tickling tied_up tk:by_feather tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf // 769x1024 // 100.0KB // Safe // 0