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anime arms_behind_back artist:ArisuYoku artist:vreemena barefoot black_dress blush brush character:tatsumaki clenched_teeth disembodied_hands foot_focus foot_view green_eyes green_hair one_eye_closed pov_feet series:one_punch_man shiver shoes_removed smile sole_blush tears tickling tk:anticipation tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf // 1024x1038 // 502.8KB // Safe // 0 Lily_(one_punch) anime arms_down artist:elmonais barefoot black_dress black_hair blue_highlights character:Fubuki_(one_punch) character:Lily_of_the_Three_Section_Staff character:tatsumaki clenched_hands foot_focus foot_view green_eyes green_hair hands_on_head highlights laughing one_eye_closed pov_feet series:one_punch_man sisters smile tickling tk:by_fingers tk:feet tk:female tk:fff tk:self_restraint tk:soles toes_curled // 899x695 // 486.5KB // Safe // 0 artist:t95master barefoot black_dress black_lips blonde_hair character:princess_peach clenched_teeth closed_eyes earrings foot_focus foot_view lipstick mushrooms pov_feet princess series:nintendo series:super_mario_bros series:super_mario_bros. smile stocks tickling tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf tk:uuf // 731x1092 // 216.4KB // Safe // 0