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Kate_(homunculuslover) ankles_held arms_held artist:bebob4999 barefoot character:Kate_Hamilton clenched_hands closed_eyes cow_ears cow_girl cow_tail foot_view furry glasses horns laughing magenta_hair nail_polish onesie painted_fingernails painted_toes pointy_ears pov_feet sole_blush tickling tk:armpits tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:hips tk:manyf tk:sides tk:soles tk:thighs tk:toes tk:uf toe_scrunch // 3318x3312 // 2.5MB // Safe // 0 Kate_(homunculuslover) arms_behind_back arms_down artist:HomunculusLover barefoot between_toes blush character:Kate_Hamilton clenched_hands closed_eyes foot_focus foot_view glasses laughing magenta_hair pov_feet rope sweat tears tickling tied_up tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:toes tk:uf // 1000x870 // 619.5KB // Safe // 0