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anime arms_free artist:princeofhalcyon barefoot between_toes blonde_hair blue_bow blush brown_bow brown_hair character:Luna_Child character:Star_Sapphire character:Sunny_Milk clenched_hands closed_eyes disembodied_hands fairy feather foot_focus glass glass_box hair_bow laughing paintbrush pov_feet red_bow red_hair series:touhou tears tickle_torture tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_hands tk:by_paintbrush tk:feet tk:female tk:manyfff tk:soles tk:toes tk:ufff // 1029x789 // 442.9KB // Safe // 0 Fire_Emblem:_Shadow_Dragon Fire_Emblem:_The_Binding_Blade Fire_Emblem:_The_Sacred_Stones arms_out artist:princeofhalcyon barefoot box character:Fae_(FE) character:Myrrh_(FE) character:Nah_(FE) character:Tiki_(FE) clenched_hands closed_eyes disembodied_hands foot_focus foot_view glass_box green_hair laughing one_eye_closed pink_hair pointy_ears pov_feet series:fire_emblem series:fire_emblem:_kakusei series:nintendo tears tickling tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf tk:uffff toe_scrunch trying_not_to_laugh wings // 1024x674 // 192.5KB // Safe // 0 aqua_hair artist:princeofhalcyon barefoot blonde_hair blush character:Lissa_(FE) character:Nowi_(FE) closed_eyes foot_focus foot_view glass glass_box green_hair one_eye_closed pointy_ears pov_feet red_hair series:fire_emblem series:fire_emblem:_kakusei series:nintendo tears tickle_torture tickling tk:by_fingers tk:feet tk:manyff tk:soles tk:uuuuuff // 3301x2536 // 2.8MB // Safe // 0