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Belle_(disney) Cogsworth Fifi_(beauty_and_the_beast) arms_free artist:DualSoles barefoot between_toes blue_bow brown_eyes brown_hair character:Belle_(Disney) feather foot_focus foot_view hair_bow laughing lipstick lumiere mole nail_polish painted_toes pink_lips red_lips series:Beauty_and_the_Beast series:disney shoes_removed smile tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_feather_duster tk:feet tk:female tk:mmff tk:soles tk:toes toes_curled // 1024x725 // 686.4KB // Safe // 1 Belle_(disney) arms_held arms_up artist:Yes-I-Did barefoot black_hair blue_eyes bondage bound_ankles bound_wrists brown_hair character:Beast_(disney) character:Belle_(Disney) character:Gaston dialogue dress fangs feet_up horns legs_held lipstick pink_lips rope series:Beauty_and_the_Beast series:disney shiny_lips speech_bubble tears tickling tk:armpits tk:female tk:mmf // 1155x893 // 324.6KB // Safe // 0 Belle_(disney) Fifi_(beauty_and_the_beast) arms_behind_back artist:cheshire_cat barefoot blue_bow blush brown_hair character:Belle_(Disney) closed_eyes foot_focus hair_bow laughing lipstick red_lips rope series:Beauty_and_the_Beast series:disney smile speech_bubble stocks tears tickling tk:ff tk:feet tk:female // 764x854 // 170.9KB // Safe // 0