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artist:countfire azula barefoot black_hair brown_eyes brush character:Azula character:toph_bei_fong closed_eyes comic dialogue feather foot_focus foot_view laughing loli pov_feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar:_the_last_airbender series:avatar_(series) smile sole_blush stocks sweat tears tickling tk:by_brush tk:by_feather tk:by_fingers tk:ff tk:female tk:soles tk:toes toe_ties toph // 1400x2895 // 1.5MB // Safe // 0 arms_free artist:LadyBarbero barefoot black_hair blue_eyes blush book character:asami_sato character:korra closed_eyes couch foot_focus laughing lipstick pillow series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) series:the_legend_of_korra smile tan tickling tk:by_fingers tk:ff tk:feet tk:female // 1024x724 // 121.2KB // Safe // 0 arms_behind_back arms_down artist:Monokron_(Unikran) barefoot blue_eyes brown_hair character:katara choker closed_eyes disembodied_hands feather feet foot_focus foot_view laughing necklace pov_feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) smile stocks tan tears tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf toe_scrunch // 1250x2720 // 384.8KB // Safe // 0 anime artist:12beast1212 artist:umojar barefoot black_hair blush boots brown_hair bubble bucket character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong cleaning foot_focus foot_view laughing pov_feet rope scrubbing series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) soap stocks tan tickling tied_up tk:ff tk:feet tk:female tk:soles toe_ties toph toph_bei_fong water // 900x701 // 491.4KB // Safe // 0 arms_behind_back arms_behind_head arms_up artist:mystic-touch azula barefoot black_hair blush brown_hair character:Azula character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong clenched_hands foot_focus foot_view hanging laughing lipstick one_eye_closed outdoors red_lips rope series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) tan tears tickling tk:by_feather tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:ufff toph toph_bei_fong tree upside-down // 1400x1968 // 1.9MB // Safe // 0 Aang arms_up artist:princeofhalcyon bald barefoot black_hair blush brown_skin character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong clenched_hands foot_focus foot_view laughing pov_feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) smile spread_eagle tickling tk:armpits tk:by_fingers tk:feet tk:female tk:mff tk:soles toph toph_bei_fong // 787x1024 // 118.4KB // Safe // 0 anime arms_up artist:snail_shell azula barefoot black_eyes black_hair brown_eyes brown_hair brown_lips character:Azula character:Mai_(avatar) character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong character:ty_lee clenched_hands closed_eyes feet_up laughing lipstick red_lips rope series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) shackles smile stocks sweat tan tickling tk:armpits tk:by_fingers tk:feet tk:female tk:fff tk:fffff tk:soles tk:tummy toph toph_bei_fong // 1084x825 // 296.2KB // Safe // 0 arms_behind_back arms_down arms_up artist:12beast1212 artist:featherhead azula barefoot black_hair blush brown_hair character:Azula character:Mai_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong character:ty_lee clenched_hands closed_eyes feather laughing rope series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) strapped tears tickling tied_up tk:by_feather tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf tk:uffff toph toph_bei_fong // 900x652 // 285.7KB // Safe // 0 arms_out artist:12beast1212 artist:bluebun artist:oddtickles barefoot black_hair blue_eyes blush boots boots_removed brown_hair character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong closed_eyes couch hands_on_cheeks laughing series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) shoes_removed sofa stirrups tan tickling tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:self_restraint tk:soles tk:toes tk:uf tk:uuff toe_ties toph toph_bei_fong // 2788x2582 // 2.4MB // Safe // 0 arms_up artist:oneortheother artist:umojar barefoot between_toes black_hair boots_removed brown_hair brown_skin captured character:asami_sato character:korra clenched_hands closed_eyes fingerless_gloves foot_view green_eyes laughing nail_polish one_eye_closed painted_toes pov_feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) series:the_legend_of_korra stocks tickle_torture tk:by_fingers tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:toes tk:uuff toe_scrunch // 2800x1700 // 2.0MB // Safe // 0 artist:absinthe-image avatar character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:ty_lee closed_eyes from_behind series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) smile tickling tk:ff tk:female tk:tummy // 656x730 // 106.8KB // Safe // 0 arms_behind_back artist:varikki avatar barefoot beach black_hair blush character:toph_bei_fong feet foot_licking ice one_eye_closed series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) stocks tickling tk:by_animal tk:by_tongue tk:female tk:tongue tk:uf toph toph_bei_fong // 800x700 // 325.0KB // Safe // 0 artist:umojar avatar barefoot black_hair brown_hair brown_skin character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong feather feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) tears tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_fingers tk:ff tk:feet tk:female tk:soles toph toph_bei_fong upside-down // 900x1781 // 592.2KB // Safe // 1 arms_up artist:komori avatar azula barefoot black_hair bound_toes brown_hair character:Azula character:Mai_(avatar) character:Suki character:katara character:katara_(avatar) character:toph_bei_fong character:ty_lee clenched_hands closed_eyes feather feet foot_focus foot_view laughing makeup nail_polish pov_feet series:Nickelodeon series:avatar_(series) shoes_removed stocks tickle_torture tickling tk:by_feather tk:feet toe_ties toph toph_bei_fong // 461x576 // 86.8KB // Safe // 1