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Pinkamena_Diane_Pie Trixie_(mlp) artist:ichibangravity begging blonde_hair blue_skin character:Trixie_Lulamoon character:applejack character:fluttershy character:pinkie_pie character:rainbow_dash character:rarity character:twilight_sparkle closed_eyes horn laughing magic_feathers multicolored_hair one_eye_closed orange_skin pink_hair pink_highlights pink_skin purple_eyes purple_hair purple_skin red_eyes series:my_little_pony tears tickle_torture tickling tk:by_feathers tk:by_magic tk:ears tk:fmany tk:female tk:tummy white_hair white_skin wings yellow_skin // 1024x1024 // 305.8KB // Safe // 0 New_Light artist:wah-ngt black_hair blue_eyes blush brown_eyes brown_hair character:Lancis character:Lessar runes series:to_aru_majutsu_no_index tail tickling tk:all_over tk:by_magic tk:ff // 2328x3216 // 7.3MB // Safe // 0 arms_behind_head artist:umojar barefoot between_toes black_hair blush brown_eyes character:sheena_fujibayashi crossed_legs feather laughing magic_feathers nail_polish painted_toes series:tales_of_(series) sheena(tales_of_symphonia) tales_of_symphonia tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_magic tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:toes // 900x613 // 374.6KB // Safe // 0 Hieda_no_Akyu Kosuzu_Motoori Mamizou_Futatsuiwa anime arms_down arms_up artist:princeofhalcyon blush character:Futatsuiwa_Mamizou character:Motoori_Kosuzu character:hieda_no_akyuu clenched_hands closed_eyes foot_focus foot_view laughing lavender_hair light_purple_hair magenta_eyes magenta_hair magic_book magic_hands orange_hair paintbrush rope sandals series:touhou smile stocks tears tickling tied_down tk:armpits tk:by_hands tk:by_magic tk:by_paintbrush tk:ff tk:feet tk:female tk:hips tk:soles tk:uf toe_scrunch // 1024x1354 // 269.3KB // Safe // 0 anime arms_free artist:repulsionswitch barefoot bed blush book character:Patchouli_Knowledge disembodied_hands foot_focus foot_view hands_over_mouth magic_book one_eye_closed patchouli_knowledge pillow purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes series:touhou sole_blush tickling tk:by_hands tk:by_magic tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:toes tk:uf // 1000x950 // 609.6KB // Safe // 0 arms_up artist:Monokron_(Unikran) barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes blush character:princess_zelda clenched_teeth laughing magic pointy_ears sandals series:nintendo series:the_legend_of_zelda shoes_removed sweat tears tickling tk:armpits tk:by_magic tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uf // 894x894 // 162.9KB // Safe // 0 Jackie-Lynn_Thomas Star_Butterfly anime arms_behind_back arms_down artist:symbiontickles barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes blush character:Jackie-Lynn_Thomas character:princess_star_butterfly clenched_hands feather green_eyes highlights laughing magic_feathers one_eye_closed series:Star_vs._The_Forces_of_Evil series:disney smile sole_blush suspension tears tickle_torture tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_magic tk:ff tk:feet tk:female tk:soles // 1400x1000 // 764.6KB // Safe // 0 Ginny_Weasley Luna_Lovegood artist:snail_shell barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair character:Ginevra_Weasley character:Hermione_Granger character:Luna_Lovegood clenched_hands closed_eyes hermione_granger laughing orange_hair series:Harry_Potter smile tickling tk:by_magic tk:fff tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uff // 1110x825 // 322.1KB // Safe // 0 Asuna_Yuuki anime arms_down arms_up artist:FeverGen barefoot blush character:asuna_(sao) clenched_hands closed_eyes foot_focus foot_view orange_hair pov_feet series:sword_art_online smile sword tickling tk:by_magic tk:by_sword tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:toes tk:uf // 1024x1122 // 199.0KB // Safe // 0 arms_up artist:rgevskiy artist:viCtORy-SaN black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush character:Apple_White character:Lady_Purrcelain_(Rgevskiy) character:Madeline_Hatter character:Raven_Queen clenched_hands feather laughing lipstick magic oc one_eye_closed pink_hair pink_lips purple_eyes purple_lips red_lips rope series:Ever_After_High smile stocks tickle_torture tickling tk:by_feather tk:by_hands tk:by_magic tk:feet tk:female tk:ffff tk:soles toes_curled // 1280x1062 // 1.4MB // Safe // 2 arms_down artist:caroo between_toes bondage closed_eyes enjoying_it furry paintbrush paws rope stocks tears tickling tk:by_magic tk:by_paintbrush tk:female tk:soles tk:toes // 596x408 // 46.7KB // Safe // 0 comic dolls feet foot magic sparkle tickling tk:by_magic voodoo witch // 900x588 // 287.9KB // Safe // 0 anime artist_request barefoot cat chibi chocolate christmas coffee cozy cup fireplace glasses magic memories pillow series:mtj sofa tammi_the_tickle_witch tickling tk:by_magic tk:ff tk:female witch // 1200x928 // 492.7KB // Safe // 1