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arms_down artist:caroo between_toes blue_hair blush bondage character:Miko_Kubota crying crying_with_eyes_open laughing loli multicolored_hair purple_eyes purple_highlights series:Glitch_Techs tears text text_box tickling tight_clothes tk:by_bugs tk:by_forks tk:by_tentacles tk:chin tk:feet tk:hands tk:toes toe_ties torture trapped // 1624x981 // 1.2MB // Safe // 1 Hoopa artist:bebob4999 between_toes black_hair blush brown_hair brush character:haruka_(pokemon) character:iris_(pokemon) closed_eyes feather foot_focus green_eyes in_wall laughing lip_biting paintbrush red_bow series:nintendo series:pokemon shoes smile stocks sweat tan tears tickling tk:by_brush tk:by_feather tk:by_hands tk:by_paintbrush tk:chin tk:feet tk:female tk:soles tk:uff toes_held // 900x659 // 220.2KB // Safe // 0