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arms_up artist:BillVicious barefoot between_toes black_hair blue_panties character:Zhenji closed_eyes earrings foot_view high_heels laughing series:Dynasty_Warriors tickling tk:armpits tk:breasts tk:by_tentacles tk:crotch tk:feet tk:female tk:inner_thighs tk:soles tk:uf torn_clothes // 3508x4961 // 8.4MB // Safe // 0 Karen_Hojo Nao_Kamiya Rin_Shibuya anime arms_down artist:Morita_Gurutamin barefoot blush brown_eyes brown_hair character:Hojo_Karen character:Kamiya_Nao character:Shibuya_Rin closed_eyes dialogue drooling foot_focus foot_view green_eyes japanese_text laughing series:idolmaster series:idolmaster_cinderella_girls shiver speech_bubble sweat tears tickling tk:by_feet tk:by_fingers tk:crotch tk:ff tk:fff tk:soles tk:sounds tk:toes // 686x600 // 437.3KB // Safe // 0