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Wendy_(gf) arms_up artist:cheshire_cat barefoot blush character:wendy_corduroy closed_eyes earrings freckles green_skin hat jeans laughing multiple_arms phone series:disney series:gravity_falls smile spread_legs tears tickling tk:armpits tk:by_hands tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:soles tk:thighs tk:tummy tk:uf yellow_eyes // 1024x882 // 202.4KB // Safe // 1 arms_held arms_up artist:Zand0r blue_hair blush character:Spooky ghost laughing pale_skin series:Spooky's_Jump_Scare_Mansion tickling tk:armpits tk:by_tentacles tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:tummy tk:uf // 1169x1055 // 530.7KB // Safe // 0 American_Maid_(the_tick) artist:cheshire_cat barefoot black_hair blush character:american_maid closed_eyes feet grin laughing monster nail_polish painted_toes red_eyes restrained series:the_tick sole_blush soles tears tickling tk:by_tentacles tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:soles tk:uf toes // 634x824 // 152.1KB // Safe // 0 Wendy_(gf) artist:fr-13 artist:rgevskiy barefoot between_toes boots_removed character:wendy_corduroy earring freckles green_eyes laughing monster one_eye_closed outdoors series:disney series:gravity_falls tickling tk:by_tail tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:toes tk:uf trapped tree wink // 1280x1652 // 1.5MB // Safe // 0 amethyst arms_down artist:inky125 barefoot blush boots_removed character:amethyst_(steven_universe) closed_eyes crying foot_focus foot_view laughing monster purple_skin series:Cartoon_Network series:steven_universe shoes_removed tears tickling tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:soles tk:uf white_hair // 700x600 // 25.3KB // Safe // 0 arms_down artist:inky125 barefoot blue_eyes blush character:pearl_(steven_universe) foot_focus foot_view laughing monster orange_hair series:Cartoon_Network series:steven_universe shoes_removed socks_off tickling tied_up tk:by_tentacles tk:feet tk:female tk:monster tk:soles tk:uf // 700x600 // 31.5KB // Safe // 0