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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do you only allow tickling art to be uploaded here?

The main focus of the site is tickling art. Nevertheless you are also allowed to upload other kinds of content as long as it agrees with the Terms of Service.

2. Do you accept western tickling art? How about furry and toons?

Yes. We accept and value all tickling art.

3. Why only art and no real pictures?

When we started this site many years ago, it used to be difficult to find tickling art on the net (in contrast with the plentiful real pictures) so we wanted to fill that niche. Maybe things have changed by now but we are planning to keep fulfilling that niche. Also traditionally the booru sites mostly host art.

4. Can I upload pictures anonymously?

This feature is currently disabled. Nevertheless making an account is fast and easy.

5. What do I need to make an account?

You only need to enter a username and a password. Email is optional.

6. What extras can I do with an account here?

You can add comments, upload and edit images, create pools, write wiki articles, send private messages to other users but most importantly you can view non safe rated images.

7. Why are only safe images shown to non account users?

In general we want the site to be safe for the guests, visitors and untrained eyes but fully featured for people who care enough to make an account. While we are not opposed to changing this in the future, we are currently satisfied with how it is working.

8. Do you accept donations?

Yes we do accept donations to cover our server costs. Please check Contribute.

9. I want to advertise on Kusubooru. Can I?

Sent your information, budget and needs to kusubooru@gmail.com and we will make it work for you.