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Posting Guidelines

Thank you for donating your spare time to help us expand our image collection! While we need a constant supply of new images to keep our collection fresh and up to date, we must make it clear that Kusubooru cares a lot about:

  • paying respects to the artists (source and artist: tag)
  • having quality image uploads
  • each upload being easy to find and catalog (tags)

    Source Your Upload

    Sourcing images is important (and probably more important than you might think). Except the obvious archiving and tracking benefits, having the source of an image can help everyone discover the original website, the artist and hopefully more art they might enjoy! This also helps paying respects to the original artist, by bringing more visitors on their website to discover their work.

    You need to make sure that the source you provide is the "true source" of the image and not a "random internet link". That usually means the artist's website (in many cases Pixiv and DeviantArt). You should also prefer the link that leads to the website post of that image instead of a direct link to the image.

    To make it easier to discover the source of an image, you can use the help of a reverse image search engine, which can also be very useful if you are trying to upload and image from your hard drive.

    If you are unable to find the true source even after a reverse image search, then you can go ahead and provide the "random internet link" instead.

    If you are unable to find any source for the image whatsoever, then you should use the tag source_request so that everyone using Kusubooru knows that you need help finding the source of the image.

    Quality Image Uploads

    There will be cases where you found small resolution images on 3rd party websites or maybe edited, watermarked or otherwise altered versions of an image. Reverse image search can help you discover higher quality versions of the image and maybe the unaltered version.

    Bad drawings

    Honestly, we are never happy when we see badly drawn images uploaded on Kusubooru. Nevertheless, we have decided to allow them, especially if they relate to tickling. If you really want to upload a badly drawn image, then it should at least be properly tagged and most importantly have the source and the artist, otherwise it might be deleted. We make no promises.

    Photoshop and edits

    In general, you should always try to find and upload the image as was created by the original artist. We are not very happy when we see edited versions of images uploaded, especially if they are also of bad quality. Nevertheless, we understand that editing images (usually to add tickling in them) is the hobby of many of our users and thus we have decided to allow them. If you really want to upload an edited image, then you should use the tag photoshop and also add it as a child to the original image. If the original image does not exist, then you should consider uploading it as well and make sure that it is added as a parent of the edited version.

    If you are uploading versions which where altered specifically to show nudity then you should use the nude_filter tag.

    As with bad drawings, make your best effort for the edited images to be properly tagged or we might consider deleting them, especially if they are also bad drawings and/or bad edits. Keep it tasteful.

    Tag Your Upload

    Having well-tagged images is very important for Kusubooru. An image with little to no tags might be very difficult to find after a few months. Remember that when you upload an image, you do it for the whole community! Tag it properly so that everyone can find it.

    Minimal Tagging Criteria

    Ideally, every image should be properly and comprehensively tagged. However, in cases where it is not yet possible to comprehensively tag an image as we would like, we have a minimum criteria for tagging new posts:

  • Characters must be identified by name in the tags.
    - If a character tag does not exist, you can create it by prefixing character: in front of your tag (like character:chun-li).
    - Use the original tag if it's an original character.
    - Place a character_request if you aren't sure where a character comes from.
  • Artists must be credited.
    - Uploads must have at least an artist: tag (like artist:caroo).
  • Copyrights/Series which a character is from must be identified.
    - Use the series: tag to identify copyrights/series (like series:nintendo).
  • Identify western and furry art.
    - Use western_art for western style images and furry for anthro/furry art. We have also been using anime by convention for Japanese art.
  • If you are not sure if an image is tagged completely enough, always place a tagme tag, and another contributor will review your tags, adding and making corrections as necessary. Note that tagme is not an excuse for laziness!

    Note: Ideally for every artist:, series: and character: tags there should be an alias to make searching easier (Think chun-li -> character:chun-li). If you create tags that need aliases. Give kusubooru a PM or post in the forum.

    Minimal Tagging Criteria (Tickling)

    If it's a tickling image then it should contain the tickling and at least three of the special tk: tags. Consider the following:
  • The gender that gets tickled like tk:male and tk:female for male and female tickled respectively.
  • Flexible tags that identify genders on both ticklers and ticklees like tk:m/f for 'male tickles female'.
  • Use tk:upperbody for strictly upperbody tickling.
  • Identify specific areas that get tickled like tk:feet, tk:sides and tk:armpits.