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Welcome to Kusubooru

Kusubooru is a danbooru-style imageboard about tickling. It's a fast and simple application which allows, among others, viewing, searching, tagging, commenting and uploading images.

The focus of Kusubooru is tickling art, hence the name of the site which is a combination of くすぐり (kusuguri), which means tickling in Japanese and ボール (booru) which is taken from the word 段ボール (danbooru) which means cardboard. The booru was added to pay respects to original danbooru software.

The primary goal of Kusubooru is to be your go-to place for your favorite tickling art but also to help you explore and discover content and artists that might be related to tickling. To aid with these goals, you are strongly encouraged to tag and source images as accurately as possible.

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